'California Love' is published!

A story of childhood transatlantic wandering, searching and discovering

Hello readers,

Many of you will have read my piece titled ‘California Love’ which details my journey to find my friend Dennis in California, after meeting him online playing XBOX circa 2005/06.

Dennis and I talked about publishing the story for years. The compulsion to write it finally grew strong enough this year, and buoyed by the success of my writing forays in other areas, I decided to pitch it to media outlets.

I pitched it to a bunch of organisations, from The Guardian to the LA Times and the OC register—finally being gleefully accepted by the editor at GamesRadar (a very fitting publication for the piece).

Dennis and I are now awaiting the phone call from Oprah.

I really enjoy a good ‘meeting’ story, and I’m lucky to have lots of interesting ones to tell!

Most close friends are aware of how Anna and I met—a story which I plan on writing up for NHS Blood Service—and more recently I met my friend Will (another Californian would you believe! and a Cornell’s Cogitations reader of course) whilst swimming in the ocean.

There I was, minding my own business, swimming along in Coogee bay, when I realised I was being stalked like prey. The hunter struck up conversation with me in the water, and announced he was a Californian studying Beach Safety at UNSW, to which I responded by dolphining my torso up out of the water to present my tattoo of the flag in allegiance. Will and I weren’t able to exchange details (seeing as we were swimming). But lo and behold we were reunited when we both took the Bronze Medallion at Coogee Surf Club about 9 months later, this time managing to exchange numbers. Now I’m working with Will on public health related beach safety research!

Life is bizarre!

Anyway, back to the post at hand. I wanted to share with you the final draft of California Love in all it’s published glory.

I hope you enjoy it. Read it here.

Closing funk.